Unlike many programmers, I read tons of technical books. Sometimes I don't finish them, sometimes I read them 3 times. Here's some that I'm glad I bought and would recommend to friends and co-workers.


Hackers and Painters

This book is pure genius. Enough said. You should read it, everyone should read it.


Joel on Software

These essays (and these) are among the first I remember reading about 'general' programming and development. The chapters are all self-contained for reading (or re-reading) in any order, and as usual it's hard to argue with anything Joel has to say. My copy of this book is autographed! He's a friggen software celebrity!


Mastering Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are like the swiss army knife of text processing. Who can be without the reference book on the subject? PERL!


The Pragmatic Programmer

Most people recommend Code Complete 2 before this, but I find it to be... well... pretentious and slow-moving. Here we see almost the same key points and arguments but condensed - creating a more readable book and a better reference at the same time.


Programming Erlang

The great thing about this book (other than all the crazy Erlang code) is that it's written like a conversation. Joe is just flat out talking to you about Erlang, how to use it and how he uses it himself. It's easy to absorb yet I've also had plenty of luck coming back to it as a reference.