Flot on GitHub  June 2nd, 2008

I've written about flot on my blog before, it's an awesome jQuery based plotting library that has just about every feature you could come up with off the top of your head. But I've been using flot a lot at work lately for some cool internal stuff and found that it could use a couple extra niceties (and that it had a couple bugs).

So I went ahead and submitted a patch to the project and in the process went looking through the open issues. I found one that was a simple little bug and someone had posted code to fix it (but not a diff), so I submitted a patch for that too. I also answered a few questions and stuff.

Several weeks later my patch isn't integrated, the bugfix isn't integrated and all of the issues I looked at were still open even though some of them even had comments like "this can be closed." Now, don't get me wrong, I realize the guys working on it are doing it as a sidebar to their day job where they use the library and so understandably don't have tons of time to be managing the project.

With that said, I need those changes... and I want to make more. So, in the open source tradition, I'll just have to do some work myself.

Besides, leaving a million diffs around doesn't really appeal to me, not to mention if they do a release and I have to re-patch the new revision with my (growing) list of changes. I should also probably point out that I hate subversion (and CVS and Perforce, etc) with a passion.

So anyway, my point is that I've forked flot, converted it's subversion history to git and started a repository on GitHub. If you have any patches against the flot source that you use, send them to me!

I'll also be doing my best to keep up on new versions (whether they include my changes or not) of the 'real' flot so that the GitHub version is up-to-date. So if you like my changes/have some of your own, there really should be no reason you wouldn't want to use the GitHub fork.

Lastly, there are some pretty awesome patches to flot already in the works so I'll also be attempting, when I have the time, to integrate some of the decent stuff being discussed on the flot mailing list/google group (especially the pie charting!). Please feel completely free to help out with that :).

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