Going to RubyFringe!  May 30th, 2008

RubyFringe is a hardcore indie conference held in Toronto that focuses on the non-Rails aspects of Ruby. And it's one I hadn't heard of until recently when I stumbled upon it completely by accident. Close call too, only 11 days left to register.

It will be my first 'real' conference, but not for lack of interest. Why then? Insufficient funds (I don't even want to calculate the cost of going to MountainWest!), but don't feel too sorry for me - I get by watching pretty much every single talk over at Confreaks (which is hardly an unpleasant experience). Still, it'd be nice to get to mingle a bit with like-minded people. And that's exactly the plan for the 3rd weekend of July in (most likely) humid Toronto!

Getting excited about Ruby is easy with all the cool projects floating around (and, of course, the big one), but it could easily get by on the sexiness of the code alone.

Are you in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and plan on being at RubyFringe? Let me know!

Some social stuff: